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Press Release: R0AR Project Addresses Unauthorized Token Listing ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Press Release: R0AR Project Addresses Unauthorized Token Listing


[Mobile, AL, 2024/5/14] – The R0AR project team is deeply concerned to inform our community about an unauthorized token listing on a decentralized exchange (DEX) utilizing our project's name and social media links as well as branding. We want to emphasize that this unauthorized token listing is not associated with our legitimate R0AR project, and we are taking immediate action to address the situation. We are reporting these projects as scams and phishing. For your protection, always check to ensure that the contract you are interacting with is the official R0AR smart contract: 0xa076F89a4d5209bB00C3406c558d43CA094B8012 | 


Any other contract will not function with our ecosystem, platform or exchange and will only cause there to be a loss of funds.


It has come to our attention that malicious actors have utilized our public codebase and copied our code while adding their own nefarious functions, allowing for the creation of a token bearing the R0AR name, graphics and links to social media. We want to assure our community and stakeholders that we are actively investigating this situation and taking all necessary steps to mitigate its impact.


The integrity and trust of our community are of paramount importance to us. We want to unequivocally state that the unauthorized token listed on the DEX does not represent the values, goals, or technology of the genuine R0AR project. We urge all investors to exercise extreme caution and refrain from purchasing or engaging with this illegitimate token.


As a team, we are fully committed to resolving this issue and safeguarding the reputation of the R0AR project. We have engaged with the appropriate platform owners to address the unauthorized token listing and hold those responsible accountable.


Despite this setback, we remain steadfast in our mission to create a secure and innovative ecosystem. We are confident in our ability to overcome this challenge and keep our project on track. This is actually encouraging our team to move forward with even more speed and focus to bring our roadmap to full completion ahead of schedule.


We thank our community for their continued support and understanding during this time. Updates regarding our progress in addressing this issue will be provided through our official communication channels which you can find on our website.


For further inquiries or information, please use our Telegram group, Discord chat or chat support on our website. 



Dustin Hedrick

Lead Technician

R0AR Project Team

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